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By submitting I approve the Personal Data processing policy

Policy on personal data processing

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is based on the provisions of the Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No. 127-FZ "On Personal Data". This Policy is an appendix to the license agreement for the granting of non-exclusive license (property) rights for the use of software complex for Computer software package with consulting services, and is an integral part part and parcel thereof. By accepting the terms and conditions of this license agreement, the Licensee (user) automatically accepts the terms of this Policy and agrees to the use of its logo, trade name name and other means of individualization, as long as Licensee is a legal entity. This Policy applies to all information which Cenix LTD (hereinafter - the LTD) can get about the user when using the software. The use of the Software means the user's unconditional the user's consent to this Policy and the terms of conditions of processing of his personal information; in case of The user must refrain from using the application in case he/she disagrees with those terms.
1. Personal information of the users which is" application receives and processes
1.1 Within the scope of this Policy, personal information user's personal information are understood as:
1.1.1 Personal information that the user Provides personal information about himself/herself when Registration (account creation) or in the in the process of using the application, including personal user data. Information provided by the user at his discretion.
1.1.2. Data that is automatically transmitted and used by "Cenix" Ltd. in the process of their
1.1.2 The data that is automatically transmitted and used by "Cenix" Ltd, patronymic of the Licensee's employees via encrypted communication channel https.
1.2 This Policy applies only to the software developed by LLC "Cenix". Cenix" LLC does not control and is not responsible responsibility for the information of third parties, to which the user can access through the links available in the application. On such sites, the user the user may be collecting or requesting other personal The user's personal information and other actions may be collected or requested on such sites.
1.3 "Cenix" LLC in general does not check the reliability of personal information provided by users, and does not Control their competence.
2. The purposes of collecting and processing of personal information users.
2.1 The Software collects and stores only those personal data that
2.1 The Product collects and stores only the personal information, which is needed to provide the services included in the Product. 2.2 Personal information of the Users of the Application LLC. Cenix" LLC can use it for the following purposes:
2.2.1. Identification of the party under the agreements;
2.2.2 Communication with the user, including sending
2.2.2 Communication with the user, including notices, requests and information service use, service rendering, as well as processing of requests and applications from the user;
2.2.3. Improvement of the application quality and usability
2.2.3. Improvement of the quality of the application, development of new services;
2.2.4. Statistical and other research on
2.2.4. Statistical research on the basis of anonymized data.
3. Terms of processing of personal information user.
3.1 In respect of personal information of the User is kept confidential, except in cases of voluntary User provides information about himself for general access to the general public.
3.2. LLC "Cenix" has the right to transfer personal information
3.2 "Cenix" LLC has the right to transfer the user's personal information to third parties in the following cases:
3.2.1. the User has expressed his consent to such
3.2.1. The User expressed their consent to such actions. In this case, by unconditionally agreeing with terms of this Policy, the user confirms and warrants that personal The user acknowledges and warrants that personal data transmitted by LLC "Cenix", received The user with the consent of interested persons.
3.2.2 The transfer is necessary within the use of the user of a particular service or rendering a service to the user.
3.2.3. in other cases provided in the Act on Personal Data. Personal Data".
4. 4. Protection of personal data. Centix" LLC takes necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of personal user's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions with it of the third parties. LTD. Cenix " assures the confidentiality and protection of personal personal data.
5. Change of personal information by the user.
5.1. The User is entitled to change or amend personal information which is passed by LLC "Centix".
5.2. The User may change or amend the personal information which has been transferred to the LLC "Cenix".
5.2. The User is also entitled to delete the personal information provided by him/her in the
5.2 The User is also entitled to delete the personal information provided by him within the account by requesting deletion of his account by e-mail to
6. Confidentiality of the parties to the license agreement.
6.1. The parties agree to consider all information provided to each other within the framework of this license agreement of this License Agreement or in connection with its designated purpose, as well as information about this license agreement and the offers made offers made, as confidential information (within the limits, permitted under the applicable laws of the Russian Federation - a commercial secret. confidential information (to the extent permitted under Russian law - a trade secret), unless it follows from the provisions of the contract and appendices to it otherwise.
6.2 Each party receiving confidential information ("Receiving Party") of the other party ("Disclosing Party") shall not has the right to communicate Confidential Information to anyone without express permission of the Disclosing Party and shall take all reasonable measures to protect the Confidential Information, including, but not limited to, the measures it takes to protect its own confidential information/commercial secrets.
6.3 The Receiving Party agrees to use the disclosed information solely for the purpose of implementing this license agreement.
6.4 The receiving party undertakes to limit the list of persons, access to confidential information exclusively its employees directly involved in the execution license agreement.
6.5 The obligations set forth in this section 6.5 The obligations set out in this section of the license agreement shall not apply to the following information: - information that is or becomes public knowledge through no Information which is or becomes generally known through no fault of the party, which received this information from the other party of the license agreement, which must be confirmed by evidence; - information, which was obtained by the parties from third parties without information which was received by the parties from third parties without any obligation to maintain confidentiality; - information the disclosure of which is required by information the disclosure of which is required by applicable law. Such information may Such information may be provided only to the authorities having the relevant Such information may be provided only to the authorities with relevant powers, in accordance with the procedure stipulated by applicable law. 6.6.
6.6 It is not a disclosure of 6.6 Providing confidential information to third parties in the presence of 6.6 Providing confidential information to third parties in the presence of written consent of the other party to its disclosure is not considered as disclosure.
6.7 For each violation of the obligation of non-disclosure confidential information provided for by this agreement Agreement, the Receiving Party undertakes to compensate all and any damages resulting from such breach.
6.8. The obligations set forth in this agreement, concerning the protection of confidential information, are valid for three (3) years from the date of transfer of confidential information.
6.9. The Licensor has the right to aggregate, systematize and analyze the information received from the Partner, after impersonalization of this information, including confidential information, in order to In order to create information and analytical reports of various kinds and databases. databases. The owner of the exclusive rights to such information-analytical reports and databases as objects of intellectual property is the Licensor.
7. Amendment of the Privacy Policy. Applicable Law.
7.1. "Cenix" LLC. has the right to make changes in the present Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy. When making changes in the current When making changes the date of the last update is specified. The new edition The new edition of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its publication on the informational Unless otherwise stipulated by the new version of the Policy, the new version of the Policy shall be effective from the moment of its publication on the information resource of LLC "Cenix". of the Policy.
7.2. This Policy and the relations between the user and Cenix LLC. Cenix LLC, arising in connection with the application of the Policy Privacy Policy is subject to the law of the Russian Federation. Federation.


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